People looked up to John F. Kennedy which he was elected to be president on November 22, 1963. He was the youngest in office. Nearly making it passed one thousand days he was assassinated. Which also made him the youngest president to die.

One other very important man was Martin Luther King Jr. He lead the Civil Rights Movement. He believed everyone was equal. He gave many speeches saying so.  


They played records, went to shows, hung out together, and put patches on there jeans.

Words and  Phrases

Ankle biters-Little children.

A gas-Having a lot of fun that's a gas.

Beat it-Leave quickly.

Bad pipes-A soar throat.

Social  Events

They often played sports, did Olympic games, and hobbies. Johnny Cash play first of many free concerts behind bars. Tuindorp-Oostzaan in Northern Amsterdam, flooded. A photograph of a South African boy in a torn vest is published in the Daily Herald; it was illegal to employ a 'native' under 18 in the mines under the Native Labour Regulation Act

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