The Rise and Fall and Rebuilding of the Guatemalan Nation

A beautiful country to live in

During our time pretending to be the different Social Groups (and America) in Guatemala, we learned that power can shift and change quickly depending on who has the most power. Treaties were made and broken. Troops were sent out to kill and help different groups. But the overall lesson to be learned from this is that America will AlWAYS win.


ARMY/WEALTH- Started with 200 MSU and was the most powerful group at the start.

GUERRILLAS- Started with 60 MSU and was opposing force to Army/Wealthy.

GOVERNMENT- Started with 20 MSU and was controlled by the Army/Wealthy.

PEASANTS- Weakest group with no MSUs but had two votes per person in election.

AMERICA- Had 60 MSU, could not be attacked and could do basically anything they wanted.

Each group had a packet that gave them instructions on how the game was played and each group had a secret "wild card" they could use. But no one outside the group knew about it unless you told them.

The Army/Wealthy had the power at the beginning of the game but that changed extremely fast.


Month 1: The A/W had all the power but signed a treaty with America saying that they would give us 100 MSUs or power points. After they did that, they were no longer the most powerful group, and America took all of the power in Guatemala. Travis was then silenced after he gave America the power and the most MSUs because his group believed he was becoming a dictator (well dah, that's politics). America and the army wealthy then signed a treaty giving all of their remaining MSUs (260MSUs) to the Guatemalan Peasants making them most powerful with the guerrillas in second with 160 MSUs and the Government with 20 MSUs.

Month 2: No power shifted during this month but Hayden, the leader of the peasants, tried to get everyone to sign a treaty that made every group give us its individual power to "unite" Guatemala.

Month 3: America uses its take-over card and takes control of Guatemala and forces them under their rule. They appointed Travis as the President who had one major figure from every group, except the government, executed for treason. America in order to use the take-over card need a majority vote on an act which they got successfully with no objections from anyone in America.  


Cooperation in...

Month 1: A/W gives america 100 MSU

America and A/W gives peasants a total of 260 MSUs

Peasants start a "United Guatemala" treaty

Month 2: Almost every group signs the UG treaty

Travis is taken back into america

Month 3: America decides to take over and appoints one of their own as President

Conflict in...

Month 1: America "silences" Travis who got them the most power

Travis is mad at his group but laughs later when they lose all the power

Month 2: Warhol!!! strikes the fear into the hearts of all those who go against him by ripping up treaties and sending his group to do the same

The guerrilla group is divided; half is for the UG treaty and half is agianst it

Month 3: every group is mad at America for taking over

Three people are executed for treason


The US had all the power but no one knew that they could take over in the end of the game. The US donated all of its troops and gave the peasants power along with the A/W. In the end the US took control of Guatemala and made themselves rulers for 8 years.


When Power shifts, a different group of people takes control. Depending what group you are in, the power shifting could be positive or negative.

In the game, when the peasants took control, it was negative for the guerrillas but the peasants saw it as a positive shift in power.

During the Arab Spring, when the Governments were overthrown, they government people saw it as a bad thing. But the people who didn't like the government were happy.

Power shirting being positive or negative depends on your view point.


1. The silencing of Travis could be connected to the assassination of JFK because Travis was like the president of America. He was "killed" by Americans because they didn't like what he was doing.

2. America taking over Guatemala was like the US invading Iraq because we thought they needed our help so we went over and freed them.

3. The situation with a corrupt government and a group of rebels is like the revolt in Egypt where the people fought to over throw the government.

My life: i cooperate with my parents but i also conflict with them too.

4. They ask me to do something that I don't want to do and i argue but eventually I end up having to do it.

5. My brother and i always fight about who gets to use the Xbox. He uses it all the time while I hardly get any time. so what we do is i get it until I'm bored which is extremely fast. then he gets it for the rest of the time. I hardly ever want to play so when i ask for it i normally get it but sometimes he is in the middle of a game. so I let him finish and then i get my turn on it.

And now, A moment of silence for all we have lost in this game.

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