Why do we need rules, anyways?

    All rules and laws are not necessary because some are not followed because they're to strict. I say this because one of the rules is don't teach others to ride their bikes, and everyone breaks it. All rules and laws are not fair because they are to many and it makes people not have many freedom. The rules that are not fair are: The Elders pick the job for everyone, not able to teach to ride bicycles, and you can't ask many questions.  what happens to people who do not follow rules is that they are never seen again and for most of them you are not able to talk about them. For example, the receiver ,before Jonas, was never seen and people were to not speak about her again.

      All consequences are not fair because if you have made a big mistake your punishment is big too, but your punishment is to is to learn from it. How can you learn from it when your punishment is to disappear from everyone's live like the receiver before Jonas. Rules and laws can be changed when Jonas becomes a complete receiver because he is honored. The Elders and everyone who makes the rules would listen to Jonas because he is intelligent and they know he is not just blooming things out.

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