The History Of Texas Oil

By: Reagan Williams    1st Period

A Discovery At Spindletop

A man funding the find for oil didn't know what he was in for. They began drilling in October of 1900. On January 10, 1901 they hit the largest amount of oil the world had ever seen at that time. The oil reached more than 150 feet high and produced almost 100,000 barrels a day. This changed the country and oil production forever. The discovery of oil in Spindletop affected the Beaumont area greatly. The population in Beaumont tripled in just three short months. The U.S was the world's leading oil producers.

Education After The Oil

The oil boom effected education in Texas greatly. The oil boosted funds by recieving millions of dollars in oil profits. Oil also provided great suport to big colleges, such as Texas A&M and The University Of Texas. The oil boom was a big deal for schools. These two schools go money because of all the oil that was under their land was worth a lot of money.

Effects We See TodayThere where many effects oil had that we still see today in Texas. There was a major influence of development in major areas in Texas. Oil also is a muli-use iteam, and can help power trucks, cars and buses that are seen everyday. Oil is also in the asphalt that's poured on the ground, and most plastic or rubber iteams in schools are oil based.

Products Made From Petrolem Some products that are made from Petrolem are, ink, tools, tennis rackets, shampoo, umbrellas, sweaters, dyes pillows, movie film, and sunglasses.

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