Causes of WWI

The MAIN causes of WWI is an acronym for the 4 main causes of WWI. The M stands for militarism, which is when the government invests most of its time and money into the military which then makes other governments in other countries worried and began to do the same. The A stands for alliances, which is important because along with the alliences, came enemies. The I in the acronym stands for imperialism which triggered conflict because the countries were fighting for territories. The last letter in the acronym is nationalism which stood for the pride of onesnation and the idea that evety country should be like theirs.

Schlieffen Plan

The Schlieffen Plan was a plan created by the german as a way to sneak attack France. Germany realized France had armed all boarders with Germany, so they decided to cross through Belgium and suprise France from the back. This was important in WWI because this war took longer than Germany had anticipated and allowed Russia to prepare for war.

The Battle of the Marne River

The Battle the Marne was the second battle on the Western Front. This battle was important because it resulted with an allied victory against the German army. This is signifficant because it stalled Germany and gave Russia more time to prepare for war.

Battle of Somme

The Battle of Somme was the first battle in the Western front. It was faught between the French and the Germans on French land. It aided the allied nations because it slowed the Germans down and also becuse the allied powers won the war.

Battle of Verdun

The Battle of Verdun was a battle faught on the Western Front in France. This battle as the longest single battle in the whole of World War One. The battle was very costly and many people died. The Battle of Verdun was important because it influenced the Battle of Somme.

Trench Warfare

Trench warfare is a war technique where a trench was built and people would hide in it with their weapons. They were often used in the Western Front and usually ended up in stalemates. This was important because this technique began in World War One and was used throughout the war.

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed by the Central Powers and Russia. This treaty was a form of peace between Russia and Germany. This was important because the war had gotten intense and that Russia had lost too many lives to continue.

Total War

Total war is a concept where both sides of the war do not follow the rules and do whatever it takes to win.  The idea of total war come along with idea of poison gas, machine guns, and submarines. Total war was important because it impacted the war battles were fought.

Death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was one of the reasons wpthat World War One started in the first place. A serbian man was upset with the Austria-Hungarian rule and wanted to kill the Archduke. This was important because it set off the war.


Propaganda started in World War One. It was a form of changing the words of the advertisement to get the public the pay attention. It was inportant because it advertized information about the war.

Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty that ended World War One. The agreement was between the allied powers and the central powers. Germany did not cooperate and the treaty started conflict. This was important because the conflict started World War 2.

New Weapons

New weapons really helped World War One grow in power. The new weapons were very violent and began in tench warfare. It was important because it moved the war along.

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