Men Have Power Over Women

Throughout the term I have been reading "Great Expectations", where the author Charles Dickens choose the cultural assumption where the men have the power over the women. Charles Dickens shows this through the characters of Mrs Joe and Mr Joe. An example is when the Joe Family are in the house eating dinner and Mrs Joe has to cook the dinner for the boys. While Mrs Joe is still a house wife and cannot have a real job, Mr Joe sits there and does nothing after he comes home from his job as a blacksmith. Another example of men having power is when pip spends too much time at the cemetery and Mrs joe was looking for him everywhere and he turns up at home when Mr Joe is there and he sends pip up to his bedroom without any dinner.

I believe that men and women's right to have power should be equal as each other, not that men should hold all the power over the children. That’s not right they should hold the power together like they should share the power together over the children and in the house. Also that women and men should have jobs that pay money.

The time the book was written in the 1900s but based in the 1800s, were the men had all the control over the women and children. The women were just house wife's and all they did was do the cooking, cleaning and washing around the house. The men also had the job of providing food for the family so he had a job that paid money.

Dickens dose not challenge the cultural assumption. He leaves it the way it should be that the men have the power over the women and that the women only do the chores around the house.

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3 years ago

Men Have Power over Women
The cultural assumption is identified, however the meaning of the assumption is not outlined before the book is introduced. Also the year and what was occurring in the day an age in which the book was written should be identified early in the blog, therefore it is easier to visualise the cultural assumption.

The examples are good, however was quite confusing. Ensure you use correct punctuation, capital letters for peoples name eg. Pip , the correct spelling Eg. does and use 'where' and ' were' correctly . Also could include some quotes from book.

You have identified an element of Character. You have given an example of how Mr and Mrs Joe relate to the cultural assumption of males being in charge. However this is the same example used for identifying your cultural assumption. You should involve separate examples and clearly state the element used.

The century the book was written and set in has been identified, the decade it was written in would be a lot clearer as to what was happening in the current media etc. The century is a lot broader. The place book was written is not identified.

You have mentioned that the author, Charles Dickon's, has identified the cultural assumption and a slight insight on what the household was like in relation to males and females, however, a clearer view on Charles' view of the assumption could be used.

You have also stated that he does not challenge the cultural assumption throughout the book and that he leaves the way it should be. I find it hard to believe that not one women in the book is angry or upset about men having all power and being treated somewhat like slaves, or that there isn't resemblance between his parents through Mr and Mrs Joe and him through Pip.