The moons importance

The moons importance

The moon is important for the animals because it helps their habitats. It also helps earth by giving us light at night, and it helps tell the earth if it's day or night. Without the moon we would never know whether or not it was day or night.


The whole reason we have eclipses, tides, and moon phases is because of the moon and the gravitational pull.

Moon phases and how they affects us on earth.

Moon phases help is know what season it is and when it's day and night. On earth If we don't see the moon we don't really know if it's day time or night.

Tides and how they affect us in earth.

When you have certain tides it can tell you where the moon is. Tides occur to tell us where the moon is and how they are effective to us.

The eclipses, how they affect us, and why they occur.

Eclipses occur when the moon, earth, and sun are lined up. It also helps tell us what season it is. They affect us by making it really dark on earth because the moon completely covers the sun, or it just makes the sun red.

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