Ancient Egypt

Paige Wodarczyk


Ancient Egypt settled in the northeast corner of Africa and island seas along the Nile river. Water, topagany and vegetion. Each physical geography can be different for each area. Soil, mountains, rivers, valleys, desert, and climate are some.

Topagany features have some mountains, hills plains, and deserts. For farmers it was important because for growing crops they need a flat surface. For growing crops the soil couldn't be better. The mountains were had cold weather, extremely steep and way to high for farmers. Deserts weren't the best choice either because they were dry and no water source.

Vegetation had many different types, trees, bushes, grass, flowers, and reeds are just some of the examples. Neutral rain and mild weather is the best thing for plant life. Lush and the color green is almost always what it looks like around a water source. Also the color green is all over the mountains.

Lastly Canaan is an area northeast of Egypt. Some of the features 0f Canaan are deserts, water sources, plains, valleys, hills, and finally mountains.

Stable Food Supply

Bread and cereal was their main food source. In Ancient Egypt they also had fruits, veggies, lamb beat, and goat to eat for survival. clay ovens were used for cooking food with and clay plates to eat off of. Barley which was made into beer was mainly what they had to drink. Wheat was also used to make bread but, the bread was very hard for their teeth. Farmers mostly grew vegetables like ions and cucumbers, and linen which was made from flax. In ancient Egypt they had to use their hands because silverware was not made yet. They did have table manners, they ate from bowls and washed their hands before and after every meal. Although they did have many foods, ancient Egypt didn't have rice, potatoes, or even corn. rich people had beef or ham with a hint of honey. Poor people ate fish, veggies, and salads to stay healthy. No one got hungry or even starved because there was so much food to go around. Desserts were also used such as cream, bread and a hint of sweet honey was very popular. Spices were also used like salt, pepper, dill, and fennel. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter were also used.

Near the Nile river the soil was perfect and rich so in the desert they were still able to farm. Also lots of water birds lived near the Nile river so the could catch them there to eat. The Nile river also provided a fresh water source to drink out of. So the Nile river was a very Important water source for when they lived in the desert in Ancient Egypt.

Social Structure

To survive people needed water, to bath, and washing yourself prevent diseases. People caught fish from water and hunted birds that lived near water. Farmers needed to grow crops so they needed to live near water. Government officials is the highest class after pharaoh. Priests were powerful and well respected. The priests oversaw religious ceremonies, took care of temple goods, and prepared bodies for the afterlife. Scribes were official writers and kept records. Scribes were also well respected and of money. Artisans were also respected and made beautiful sculptures and paintings. Peasants were the lowest class and grew crops for food. also they built monuments like pyamaids.


In ancient Egypt they worshiped more than more god and kept them happy. Ra was the most important and was the god of sun. Ra had a head dress and head. The underworld and death god was Osiris. He had been mummified and wore a headdress in drawings. The god of sky was Horus. H had a hawk head as drawn. Anubis was the god of embalming the dead. In ancient Egypt they believed in life and death.

A ka is when is when they are alive and ba is when they are dead. The person would live in afterlife if they were unified in afterworld. In ancient Egypt they preserve or mummification the dead body to keep the soul alive.

They had known many things about religion getting ready to become a god. Monuments and messages were some of the smart things. The message to future generation are the pyramids had stood with messages for so many years.

System of Goverment

Ramses II built many exiting sculptures of his own and was a good builder. Ramses was a prince at a very young age, 15. he also got married to Nefertia and Isetnofret. At age 22 Ramses was leading the military. He was Pharaoh of Egypt because his father had died. The battle of Kiddush was most famous and oldest. Hatshepsut was a princess at birth. Her brothers had died still in the beginning of childhood. her father had also died and was now queen. Pharaoh Thermoses was her husband but, got sick and died. She had made many statues and some were even of herself. Now that Hatshepsut was a pharaoh she had to wear a Cora and a headdress. Sadly she had died at age 22 from blood infection. Senusret Khufu has made the government very strong. The Great Pyramid was built by him in Giza. Senusret had made art and liditure in The Middle Kingdom. White Chapel was one of their fine works of art.

The pharaoh owned everything unlike all of the others, the pharaoh was in charge. The pharaoh also had some helpers and some were royal. The pharaoh had an army, police and lots of ministers and to assist them were government officials. Everyday people were reporting to the visa who went to the pharaoh of Egypt. The pharaoh was a very good system of government.

The Arts

The main colors they used were blue black, red, green, and gold for their paintings. In house it was very colorful. Art was hidden in the tombs. In the tombs they carved slaves, animals, boats, and buildings that a person might need in an afterlife. Most of their beautiful art had to do with their religion. Temple was popular for making art. On their walls were so many paintings and they had so many sculptors inside. They are known for their large sized art. One is Great Sphinx of Giza, it is 60 feet tall and over 240 feet long. They also carved smaller things. they used limestone, wood with gold, solid, gold and basalt. There is a sculpture named Tutankhamen with a face that was most common. They used blue glass for stripes, a headdress, and some solid gold. They had string instruments like harps, lyres, and lutes. For percussion they had drums, rattles, bells and cymbals. Others were flutes, clarinets, and trumpets. Instruments were important, it was heard in temples as worship. At parties they would play instruments to celebrate.


The technology had the ability to built large projects like pyramids and palaces. Ramps and levelers are system complex system of government. They didn't share the wheel until it was introduced by invaders using the chariot. They invented a game were you would shoot into a hole like bowling. The bread was so hard that it broke there teeth. They made a toothbrush a toothpaste to take care of their teeth. They used ashes eggshells and ox hooves grounded up.

Written Languge

Writing was very important, they wrote in hieroglyphics. Scribes were important because they were the only ones who knew how to write. This allowed them to keep accurate records and keep control over such a large empire. The word paper comes from Greek for the papyrus plant. Sometimes scribes wrote in faster terms called hieratic. When Greek took over scribes had to learn Greek. Most famous Egyptians couldn't read or write. Hieroglyphics were written in pictures or words. It was hard for the scribes because the Egyptians wrote everything down and toke the time to draw the pictures.

When archeologists found this writing it was so frustrating because no one knew what it meant, the writing was found in tombs. Scribes created a new way to write called Demotic script and could now write quicker. Scientists could now what it said because it was a story in Greek, and they knew how to read Greek.

They used knives for carving their language on walls. Also used mixed minerals and used blood for paint with writing their language on walls.


The did farming near the Nile river for the soil and we farm things like fruits and vegetables, the only difference is that we can farm in our backyards. They also had a toothbrush and toothpaste because of there bread being so hard and we also have that to keep our teeth clean. The instruments that they had were mostly the same as the ones we have today and we also use them to celebrate. Also we had a lot of the foods and spices that we have today. Lastly they believed in more than one god and some people today believe in more than one too.

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