Did you know Soccer is the most popular sport? If you do great if not too bad. Well I am going to tell you a little about it okay great. Well soccer is a sport that you can use any part of your body except your hands. Also you can have up to 12 players on  the field at once of coarse that depends on what U you are on. Us are the age group you are in. Here are some examples U11 U12 U10. U11 is girls or boys playing soccer that are eleven, U12 girls and boys that play soccer that are twelve, and U10 girls or boys that play soccer and are 10. some positions are striker, middle,defense,wing,goalie,sometimes d-mid or another middle. Their are calls like off sides, hand ball, and foul. There are outs in soccer. In soccer you have to wear a uniform, shin gards, and cleats. The goal in soccer is to score goals and win and also have fun. That is a little about soccer, thank you.  

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3 years ago

Great job using a lot of detail and facts!