Math in a Minute: Math Project Edition

Volume 3 Issue 28

Juice Box Geometry

Juice boxes are so convenient—just poke the straw in and sip away! But have you ever noticed that some juice boxes don't seem to have much juice, even when they have a lot of packaging? It might surprise you how much thought goes into the design and manufacturing of a juice box. Each manufacturer has carefully calculated how big each side should be to hold a certain amount of juice inside. In this science project, you will find out how different brands of juice measure up.

Measure the dimensions (size in different directions such as height, length, and width) of different juice box products to find out which manufacturer has the largest volume of juice and uses the least amount of packaging material.

More End of the Year Projects

Are Double Stuff Oreos Really Double Stuffed?

Oreo lovers have long debated how to eat them: twisted, dunked, creme first or bite whole. But most have never calculated just how stuffed Oreos are, until now!

Ask students if they think Double Stuff Oreos are really double stuffed. Have them design a process to measure the amount of stuffing in the Oreos.

Here's how one group did it: The students weighed 10 of each type of sandwich cookie -- original, Double and Mega. They also weighed the wafers separately, without the creme. Subtract the weight of the wafer from the total weight of the cookie, and you get the stuff!

Is Driving to Disney World Really Worth It?

Everyone likes to save money... especially when it comes to vacations! Disney World is a popular vacation spot for the summer.  Many people fly and some drive.  Which one is more cost effective?  Is driving to Disney World really worth it?

Cookie Moster 3 Act Math

Here is a 3 Act Math problem for some of our younger kiddos.  It is very cute and grabs their attention immediately because there are cookies involved!

How Do Worms Measure Up?

With all the rain that we've been getting, earthworms are coming out!  Some stretch and stretch! How long are they really?  Here's a 3 Act Math situation to see how long that worm really is!

It is only a few weeks until summer!  What can you do now?  Here are some more ideas of projects for 3rd-5th grade that you can do with a class.

Earth Day and Recycling

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