Cheyanne C. Much Ado About Nothing

...Hero's Point Of View...

The soldiers returned here in Messina. We all met them after we got all cleaned up. Benedick, and Beatrice expressed there hatred for each other, and how they will never love. Claudio wanted to woo me at the dance, but Don Pedro had to do it for him. I was so happy but of course the sneaky Don John had to try to mess that up by telling Claudio Don Pedro was doing it for himself but fortunately everything was straightened out. Then the men let Benedick over hear them talking about how much Beatrice loved him, and us girls did the same for Beatrice. It was a lie but we tricked them into loving each other. Of course Don John had another plan to ruin Claudio that no one expected. He Slandered me by Paying Birachio to sleep with Margaret by my window, Don John led Claudio, and Don Pedro to them. Claudio planned to call me out at our wedding, and that he did.I was so devastated, and heart broken that my sweet Claudio would say this about me. I faked my death until everything was cleared and everyone knew i was slandered. Birachio was caught admitting this crime to Conrad. My Father asked my innocent husband to marry my "cousin". He agreed for the forgiveness of my father not knowing it was me. The next morning when he came to marry her i revealed my self. It was such a happy moment, i felt bad for him that i lied about my death. Benedick and Beatrice agreed to marry so it was a double wedding. Don John was even Caught !

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