Why not kick into a Valentine Theme for Technology News this Month?

After attending the Google Apps for Education Summit last weekend, my biggest takeaway that I wanted to share centered around what is called the You Tube Generation, also known as Generation C. These students...the ones we teach each day.. are creators, curators, connectors, and all about community. They adapt to change quickly and easily. They have everything they want to know about at their fingertips, and the only decisions they have to make is what to do with that knowledge. They look nothing like past generations, and they learn nothing like we did. These kids are going to keep us on our toes! (Interestingly enough even I fall into this Gen C age group. Yep.. Spans up to 35 year olds!) Our older kiddos are there without a doubt, and watch out... the little ones are not far behind! Read more about it here!

New Space, New Teaching Possibilities!

If you haven't seen the new lab refresh, you need to peek in when you drop off your kiddos for technology this week. I redesigned the space thinking as a teacher. In order to be a facilitator of learning, the space needs to lend itself to making that a reality! On the two weeks I do not teach in there, I invite you to make it your space. It is the only true 1:1 digital space, complete with an interactive whiteboard!  Now we are just waiting on the new seating! Thank you Erinn for allowing me to redesign this whole space!

Happy Valentine's Day