A one word summary of Industrial Revolution

The word “shift” describes industrial revolution because it was a big shift in peoples lives.. Before, people had to do things by themselves, such as turning wool into thread, or weaving that thread into cloth. With the new, different inventions, and technology there were easier ways to do these things. Industrial revolution shifted the lifestyles for both adults and children. People moved out of their small rural communities, where there daily exercise revolved around farming, to the urban areas to work. Men were sent to work in the mines, women were sent to work in the harsh conditions in the mills as well as children, big or small. Children were forced to do little but dangerous jobs, such as switching bobbins when others were full while the machine was still running, because they are small and could fit into tight places. Children did not go to school or get education, because they were working. People were got little or no pay. This was a big shift to people because they were used to working on farms and such. The word “shift” summarizes industrial revolution, because it was a great shift in peoples lives.

From This:

Two men harvesting crops on a farm

To This:

Men working in a factory

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