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The litmus test that illuminates or dampens the future of a movie, is its innate ability to keep the viewers intrigued. If during the screening, the viewers are making frequent visits to the bathroom, or paying more attention to the food than the movement of alive images on a giant screen, believe me that the food they are gulping down frantically is more alive than the movie itself. Watching a movie, just for the sake of it is big no-no for the time-squeezed generation of today.

If you equate time with money, and expect value from company, then download Enemy, and you'll feel that time has come to a standstill. You'll not feel guilty of having wasted your time on a sweet nothing of life, which ultimately proved to be 'bitter everything.' Enemy will usher in currents of surprises, as you remain engrossed in the 'here and now', overwhelmed in a bout of rapt attention. The opening credits will instantly progress into a subject matter, where malnourished cinema affinicados are delivered a playground, where waves of feelings gush worth in a upswing and downswing, the grey matter collaborates to stay ahead of times, for being outsmarted by the polar tenacity of character build up.

The followers of the mantra, 'you are one click away' from changing your world into a cauldron of aromatic brew that makes the world go around, may watch Enemy online. These are the believers of 'now or never', the individuals, who want things before they ask for it. They mind carries a genie in a bottle and to make that genie pop out at their whims and fancies, they tread on the fast lane of technology. Viewing videos online with breakneck buffering speed, is their idea of entertainment.

In stark contrast, a video downloader belongs to the species, who do specific things on specific times. They don't believe in doing random things, they lead organized lives, where time matters.

The technology has the power to unify the diversities in one organic harmony; it converts the taboo to the tantalizing and the tantalizing into the taboo. For those, who respect the ticks of the watch and follow its readings with reverence, the alternative to download Enemy is spot on. Maneuvering the hour of entertainment to the point we deem right, is one of the innumerable privileges handed out by the technological era, where time has become a more dominant entity.