Culture of Brazil


  • Soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil.
  • They have won the Fifa World Cup five times.
  • Another popular sport is foot volley.
  • Invented in Brazil in the 1960's.
  • Other sports they play include: basketball, martial arts, tennis, volleyball, rugby, ect.

Holidays and Celebrations

  • The Rio Carnival is the biggest celebration.
  • It last 5 days, and happens 51 day before easter.
  • Two million people are in the streets per day.
  • Another celebration with a parade is their Independence Day.
  • They celebrate it on September 7.
  • For the Independence of Brazil they built a museum.
  • Museu Paulista


  • About 65% of Brazilians are Roman Catholic.
  • This statue is known as Christ the Redeemer.
  • Built as a symbol of Brazilian Christianity.


  • Samba is one of the most popular form of music and dance.
  • They also listen to the same music we do.
  • Some of the different types of music they listen to is bossa nova, MPB, funk carioca, zumba, rap, ect.


  • Their clothing varies from the ethnic group and the climate.
  • They are known for their stylish clothes and accessories.


  • Their official language is Portuguese.
  • They are the only country in South America with the official language of Portuguese.


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