Maldives, Asia

The Madlives are a group of island in the southwest part of Asia. The picture up above is the Maldives. ( IT LOOKS LIKE A DRAGON...)

~Population: 345,023 people          ~Life Expectancy: 77. 57

~Birthrate: 2.29 births per woman   ~Infant Mortality Rate: 49 per 1,000 live births

~Physicians per 1,000: 1.4            ~ Gross Domestic Product: 2.3 billion

~ Importated Goods From:    

United Arab Emirates (28%), Singapore (16%), India (10%), Sri Lanka (6.6%), and Malaysia (6.3%)                 

~Exported Goods From:

France (21%), Thailand (16%), United Kingdom (12%), Italy (8.7%), and United States (8.5%)

~Literacy Rate: 98.4 %               ~Number of Cars per 1,000: 26.7

~Needs: Since the Maldives are known to me a tourist attraction there should be more doctors because you never know how some people will be affected by the weather or sand, etc. They also might need more car companies, due to the fact that there are 26 cars per 1,000 people.

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