The glass castle



One theme for The Glass Castle is forgiveness. Jeannette always forgives her mother and father for their mistakes throughout the book. She is starting to forgive her parents when she is a three year old child and she burns herself because her mother doesn’t take care of her while she is cooking hot dog.


Another theme for The Glass Castle is disappointment. The kids had to leave a lot of their things and friends every time they moved. They didn't always have money for the things they wanted and they never built the glass castle.  I think Jeanette was disappointed every time the dad was drunk and her mom cared more about her artwork than anything else.


INTRODUCTION- The introduction of the book starts off telling about the narrator Jeanette Walls younger life & tragedy. The book continues to tell about Jeanette childhood and present life at the end of the book.

RISING ACTION- The rising action begins with them planning out they're future and getting wealthy off Jeanette's father Rex idea of building the glass castle.

CLIMAX- The Walls family moves to New York and becomes homeless

FALLING ACTION- Jeanette was the first in the walls family to go to college and actually graduate. The whole family moved to New York one by one. lori was the first to move there and start her career.  Maureen went to high school in New York, moving with her parents.  

RESOLUTION - Jeanette lives in an apartment in New York. Her mother is homeless in New York , Brian is a police officer, Lori became an Artist Maureen moved to California and starts doing drugs and Rex dies from a disease


Jeanette walls -The main character and author of the book Jeannette is a hard-working and intelligent child. Jeanette's motivation is to be successful and have a better life. Whats significant about Jeanette is she's very smart and learned how to do most of everything on her own.

Rex Walls- Rex Wall is the father of Jeanette and 3 other children. Rex motivation is to build a glass castle to become wealthy. He is a alcoholic, who tends to take out his anger out on his wife when his is drunk. Whats significant about Rex is that even though he is a drunk he take care of his kids an is a great father.

Rose Walls- Rose Walls is the mother of the Jeanette and 3 other children. Rose motivation is her art work. she hopes to get far with her art. Rose is a very selfish mother who only care much more about her art work then other things. Whats significant about her is she a great mother when it comes to having her kids learn for mistakes.


The walls Family moved to Phoenix, AZ  after Rex had lost his job. The moved into Rose's Mother house who had died.

New York City, is Where the whole Walls family moves and Lori starts her career.

Welch, West Virginia is where the Walls family lived. The 3 kids went to school here.

Important quotes

"I wanted to let the world know that no one had a prefect life, that even the person who seemed to have it all had their secrets."

The significance of this quote is that people who seemed to look perfect had their problems or dirt too. That no one is perfect. What makes this quote important is because Jeanette knows that know ones life can be perfect.

"Sometimes you need a little crisis to get your adrenaline flowing and help you realize your potential."  

The significance of this quote is that you have to go through some thing to see thing differently or see the purpose and potential you have. what make this quote important is because The walls family goers through a lot of thing but always realize the potential of their family.

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