Territorial Expansion

By:Reggie Spratling and Jacob Greene

The United States expansion was a very important thing in U.S history. Without expansion the U.S would not have as much land and resources.  The U.S had to take some of this land from battles and they also bought some land. In these next few slides we will talk about how the U.S got this land and what they had to do.

The Geopolitics of the United States, Part 1: The Inevitable Empire (Stratfor) https://www.stratfor.com/analysis/geopolitics-united-states-p

Louisiana Purchase

During this time period Thomas Jefferson was the president and is known for completing the deal with France. The final cost for all the land totaled around 15 million which was not that much for how much land they were receiving.  With this purchase this made the United States want even more land so this gave the U.S inspiration to keep getting more and more land so this eventually led to the forming of the United States. Next we will show how the U.S got this land and this is not always easy.

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Mexican-American War

This was the first conflict on the U.S soil. This attack was because the belief of Manifest Destiny. The first attack from Mexico was on April 25, 1846. This attack was when Mexico surprised a group of U.S soldiers and killed most of them. The war finally ended in 1848 with Mexico and the U.S signed a treaty. This battle was fought because the U.S and Mexico disagreed over the U.S boundaries so the U.S ended up gaining a little bit of land.

Unit 4: Westward Expansion - Mrs. Ricciuti's Social Studies (Unit 4: Westward Expansion - Mrs. Ricciuti's Social Studies) https://sites.goog

Westward Expansion

During the Westward Expansion many people starting moving farther West for many different reasons such as claiming land for farming, for the gold rush to get rich, and last to get a better life. All this expansion goes back all to the belief of Manifest Destiny. President James K. Polk played a major part in this expansion.


Civil War Movement

During the Civil War there states were divide in to the Confederate States and the Union. This was a very deadly battle and killed lots of soldiers for both sides. Abraham Lincoln finally sent lots of soldiers to take down the Confederate states and they finally surrendered.This contributed to the formation of the United States and we were finally almost one country.

what is the annexation of hawaii (what is the annexation of hawaii) http://ucesaqa.pev.pl/what-is-the-annexation-of-hawaii.php

Hawaiian Annexation

The U.S was still wanting more and more land so America became interested in Hawaii. America had first gained interest in Hawaii in the 1820s when New England missionaries tried to spread their faith. Then America had started to trade Sugar with Hawaii and this was very profitable. Then congress passed a tariff that made imports of sugar cost more so now the U.S was not offering Hawaii that much for their sugar. In result to this Hawaii did not have much money and the U.S knew if they annexed them they would become stronger and would have more money. But it was not that easy, the queen decided what they did so the people of Hawaii stormed the queen and marines stormed the island and the queen was forced to give up. Then it was up to the U.S and Hawaii finally became apart of the U.S.

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