I'm The Man !

Wassup ! my name is Thomas Jefferson and I was born on April 13th 1743 I was born in Albemarle County, Virginia . I'm 271 years old ..That's old right ? but I'm still wise and i have not lost my mind yet to be that old .. I make decisions I think and know is right to help make our country a better place ya know .. but anyway YESSS ! I am the president and i love being it couldn't ask for a better position than this makes me feel like a real BOSS !

I'm going tell you a little bit more about myself because i know you guys wanna be NOSEY ! My parents name are Jane and Peter Jefferson and yess the sad part is i'm not the only child they had I have 6 sister and 3 brothers .. I'm was once married to a wondeful woman named Martha Jefferson for 10 Years then she moved on away from me big BUMMER.. i have six children and i love them with all my heart i work hard just for them.. OK ! let get to the some what good part .. When I was 26 i began to build my elegant lifetime home , Monticello and YES I designed it myself .. I was almost never home if i wasn't home you could find me in 3 places Philadelphia , Washington Dc or Europe there my favorite places.

Being your president makes me feel so special I love helping people out even tho I disagree with some people but thanks for being nosey for a little while and hear about me ... I'm telling you anything else because then I will be telling you to muchhh . Bye NOW !

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Questions ;

When is my Birthday ?

Where was I born?

How old was I when I became President ?

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