Caudron G. A bomber during WWII and reconnaissance. One of the oldest surviving bombers in the world.
Enola Gay. WWII bomber. On august 6th 1945 it dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan
Republic F-105D Thundercheif. A supersonic fight bomber. Could fly in good or bad weather and carry nuclear or conventional weapons.
Vega Solar System Probe Bus and Landing Apparatus was a balloon that carried scientific instruments into the atmosphere .
Robinson R44 Astro G-Mury . Introduced in 1992, Jennifer Mury was the first to fly this helicopter
Loaning OA-1A San Francisco The us army air corps flew five loening OA-1As thru Mexico and Central America during its pan-am goodwill flig
Heinkel He 219 A Uhu. First mission in 1943. Shot down five British bombers in a single shot.
Sikorsky HO5S-1. Was the primary medical evacuation helicopter in the last year of the Korean War.
Apollo Boilerplate Command Module. Apollo command modules for testing and to train astronauts and other mission crew members.
Delta 3914 Rocket 1:15 Scale Model. NASA launched delta successfully 10 out of 12 times from 1975 to 1987

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