How might website quality be judged differently across different audiences?

-Why do you feel that some websites are good? I feel that some websites are good because they catch your attention quickly and make you interested in what they are advertising or showing. Most websites have the headlines and pictures of something they know people WANT to see and watch. Good websites also have a lot of information about their company, organization, or product.
-Why do you feel that some websites are not so good? Some websites suck because they have no features, animations, color scheme, or interesting product. They also lack information and basic attention grabbers like bold letters or pictures.
-Do others agree with your opinion? In my opinion I think everyone should agree because its true. What person would consider a website good if they lack information? That's the whole purpose of a website. Also the majority of the people online want to see something interesting and fun, so websites should be appealing to the eye!
-Does anyone disagree?
-Who is the target audience for a particular site? The target audience for a particular website whatever the website is about,. For example, school websites audience are students, parents, and the district. Their websites should informative and entertaining with the pictures of school activities.
-Are there some qualities of websites that all audiences would agree are good? What are these qualities? The qualities that all audiences agree that are good are the features and information. When you're on a website you want to be pleased with what you're reading and seeing.

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