Amanda's VCR Presentation 1


credo, credere, credidi, creditum   /   transitive verb   /   to authorize; to certify; to believe

When John was accredited his highschool diploma, the first thing he did was frame it and show his mother.


deus   /   noun   /   a god or goddess

For bible school, Sam had to do a report on the deity of fire, or Hephaestus.


divino, divinare, divinavi, divinatum, divinus   /   transitive verb   /   1. To  foretell by supernatural means   2. To know by intuition or insight

Ashley didn't know why her mom was being punished and suffering from disease, so she turned to spirit to divine it to her.


theos   /   noun   /   government by divine power or priests

America is not a theocracy because it is run by elected leaders, not divine power(s).