Newton's First Law

With eggs

Purpose of the Experiment

Is to make a demonstration on Newton's first law


1. I will spin two eggs, one boiled, one raw

2. When I spin the boiled egg and stop it, it stops

3. When I spin the raw egg and stop it, it keeps spinning

How does this happen?

Well, Newton's first law is that an object at rest will stay at rest, and an object in motion will stay in motion, unless acted upon an outside force. So, because the raw egg is raw, the yoke inside will keep spinning even though I already stopped the egg, which keeps the egg in motion because there is no outside force. When I stop the boiled egg the yoke is at rest so when I stop the egg, it stays at rest because its solid.

What I Learned

I learned more about real life examples of Newton's First Law during this experiment, like if a car jolts to a stop, you would fly forward until the seat belt stops you because you are a part of the car. When the car was in motion you were in motion, the seat belt is the outside force, which stops you from launching forward when the car stops. Brakes are the outside force on the car and because the brake is not a part of you, the seat belt is there to stop you from hurting yourself, that's why seat belts are there. I also learned about how outside forces can make a small or big difference in life, like with the car example, if the seat belt wasn't there you would still be in motion when the car abruptly stops and possible hurting yourself.