What is it?

It is a bacterial skin infection that causes red sores that oozes and then turns to yellow- brown crust. They can occur anywhere but mostly form around the mouth and nose.

Impetigo can be caused by either strep or staph. Strep or staph enter the body when the skin is already irritated. Children are more likely to get this. They tend to receive this after they have had a cold or allergies and the skin has became raw. Although impetigo can develop in healthy skin as well. It shows up on skin that has been affected by poison ivy, eczema, a cut, and or an insect bite.

Can be spread from one area of the body to another area through direct contact with sores and discharge on the skin. It often follows from an upper respiratory infection.


-Small red sores

-Ooze from the sores and appears crusty

-Increase in size and number. They can range from a small pimple to the size of a coin.

You can positively be diagnosed with Impetigo by a doctor. He will look at the sores and prescribe an antibiotic and if the sores do not clear up you will begin another antibiotic treatment for impetigo.

It can be treated by antibiotics. For mild forms a cream will be given to put on the sores. For the more severe cases an antibiotic pill may be prescribed.

The treatment should clear the sores in three days. If you take the antibiotics as prescribed the sores should be completely cleared and your child can return to school.

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