Thousand Words, Izzabel Champ.

March 24, 2015 Contrast and Contradictions.

While reading the book Thousand words, I ran into some contrast and contradictions with the main character Ashleigh. She's an honor student and a great athlete, but when she goes to her best friends party everything will change after she sends a nude picture. The character Asheigh even questions if she wants to take the picture of herself and how it wouldn't be like her if she did. She ended up taking the picture of herself anyways and sending it to her then boyfriend Kaleb. Even he knows its not like her to usually do that.

March 25, 2015

As I read i ran into an "aha"moment with the main character Ashleigh. When her then boyfriend Kaleb goes to college they start to have relationship issues. This all happened because Kaleb told all of his team mates about the picture Ashleigh sent. When the fights between them got worse I started to realize that Kaleb was a liar and still had the picture, which he did. To get payback he sent to photo to many people in his contact list which was when Ashleigh realized what a no good person Kaleb was.

March 26, 2015

As I read through my book, the character Kaleb called for an apology to Ashleigh after what he had done to her. Kaleb only seems to be apologizing to look favorable in the eyes of the judge since he doesn't want to be a registered sex offender. Ashleigh described Kaleb as looking thin, unhealthy, and tired. I personally don't feel bad for him and he should take the punishment he deserves. Though, Ashleigh wasn't satisfied with his apology, and I wasn't either. She has an "aha" moment later in the book when she realizes he's only apologizing for himself, not Ashleigh. I can understand that she wouldn't be satisfied after what he put her through and hat she deserves more than just an apology from him.

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