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Document A: Child Online Protection Act

By: Congress

Date: October 22, 1998

H: google was launched in 1998 and have to protect the minors

P: The Government is wanting to protect the future kids from the upcoming technological advancements


The Child online protection act was a rule created to stop minors from accessioning information that is too mature or harmful to them. This is a huge act that was passed because two of the most commonly known companies were launched in the same year as the act both Google and apple both companies are in the fortune 500 google is 46 and apple is 5th. On top of the that two of the most commonly know companies were  

Things that happened in 1999-2008

Document B: Airport security after 9/11

By: Jason Villemez

Date: September 14, 2011

H: the infamous 9/11 caused airport security to become a higher priority in the U.S.A

P: The author created this to reinforce the belief of security to Americans  


The increased security of airports was a precaution to ensure that another event like 9/11 wouldn't happen again.  With fear in Americas the government increased the airport security from $306 billion to $712 billion. To please America airports created rules such as must ticketed passengers must go through security including taking off your shoes and having a full body screening. They also banned liquids and reinforced the cockpit for extra precautionary measures.

Source C: Obama's victory speech

By:Marc Schulz

Date: October 12 2012

H: Obama just became the first African American president

P: To show that the United states have changed and we have more race equality then we did 20 years ago


With Obama becoming the first African American president it shows us and the world how much the United States has changed since the 1960's when MLK jr. and MalcolmX fought for African Americans to drink out of the same water fountain or go to the same school as white people. Then in 2008 we came as far as electing an African American president. After 8 years of an African American president we are now showing even more growth in that a female president should be the next candidate to be elected.  

Document D: recession in 2009

By: BLS Spotlight on statistics

Date: February 2012

H: In 2007 and 2008 many many people were getting loans from banks to buy houses they couldn't afford yet still borrowed the money they knew they wouldn't be able to pay back.

P:To show the improvements that America has had since the recessions and unemployment rates in 2009

Reflection:During this time we struggled and were faced with many hardships. This was due to our poor decision making skills  that the United States made such as buying houses we couldn't afford or the banks lending out money that they knew the people couldn't afford to pay back.

Document E:



H: The shooting of Trayvon Martian was a significant event in the past history because police brutality has been a problem since Rodney King was beaten up by crooked cops in 1992

P: to show that police injustice still happens although we have improved a lot in the past few decades we still have some conflicts with the police force.

Reflection: The murder of Trayvon was a tragic event causing multiple riots and protests in many cities across the country. Changing the out look on how police officers and other types of law enforcers treat people when they arrest them or take action to stop someone.

Document F: Still I rise

By: Maya Angelo

Date: May 28, 2014(broadcasted)

H: Maya Angelo was one of the most iconic writes/poets known to man she won multiple awards for here books and lots of praise for her accomplishments

P: The radio starion wanted to remember and dedicate a reading of most iconic poem for people to realize how devastating of a lost it is for her to pass away at the age of 87.

Relfection: Maya Angelo was one of the greatest writers of all time, she was awarded multiple presidential awards and in her books and poems would  expressed to the people that everyone has struggles in life. Losing here was loosing a big part of American literature and will never be replaced

Document G: social network boom

By: Luke Wyckoff

Date: May 4,2010

H: In 2004 a new online social media web sight was created called Facebook in 6 years it became the biggest social media website in the world on top of that  in 2010 another social media website came out called Instagram.

P: Wyckoff wanted to show how much social media has grown in the past few years and how it has much more room to grow with more the one or two social media websites now and now that we have "apps" that we can use to connect our social media the options are endless

Reflection: With social media rising it is hard not to create a Facebook, instagram ,twitter ,etc  to feel included in with your friends and family and as technology increases more and more we will have more then just a picture of ourselves or a picture of our dinner we may have videos of our day to day lives at some point in the near future.

Document H:

By: Illinois general assembly

Date: December 5,2014

H: After multiple accounts of civilians catching police on film for police brutally and other illegal things Illinois has made it illegal to film a police officer

P: Illinois thinks it is unfair to the officers if they are constantly watched and crowded by multiple cameras while attempting to do their jobs .

Reflection: I believe that it is wrong for Illinois to do this because it seems as if the state is enforcing the police brutality now that it is hard for the officers to get caught on camera with multiple reports of it I feel there should be even more cameras instead of less to watch the police officers.

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