How History Influenced Star Wars

Day 2

In Nazi Germany the term "Stormtrooper" was used to describe the troops. In Star Wars Episodes IV-VI the Imperial troops are called Stormtroopers. The Empire in Star Wars is supposed to represent Nazi Germany, and their control over the galaxy represents their control the Nazi's had over Europe.

Star Wars also has many influences from Christianity. Anakin Skywalker "Darth Vader" is very similar to Jesus Christ in the Bible. Jesus Christ was born from a virgin mother through the power of God. Anakin's mom was also a virgin mother, he was born through the Force. Jesus is said to be the "Messiah", the chosen one or savior. In the Star Wars prequels, Anakin is part of a Jedi prophecy and is said to also be the Chosen One. Anakin's fall tothe dark side is also similar to the story of Lucifer. Lucifer was God's best angel and had too much pride and  he wanted to overpower God. He was kicked out of heaven and sent to hell. Anakin was one of the best Jedi Knights in the order but wanted to be more powerful than them, and became corrupt and went over the dark side.

Star Wars was also influenced by the Roman Republic/Roman Empire. In Star Wars episodes I-III there is a Galactic Republic that is the superpower of the galaxy during the Clone Wars while fighting the Separatists. At the end of the events of Revenge of the Sith, the Republic is formed into a Galactic Empire. This is similar to the Roman Republic which also later formed into an Empire.

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