Our Second Model:

We started off making the top of the crane where it's supposed to allow it to move side to side, we decided to start with the part where we had problems the first time. We got a suggestion to use a thumb tack to help rotate the crane, it worked as expected. We stuck the thumb tack in a mini popsicle stick and put another one on top, rotating it. We continued to build the frame of the crane and then we came across another problem, but it wasn't to serious. The 2 popsicle sticks holding up the stick that would move up and down were unequal, we later accurately measured the sticks and started attaching all the pieces together, it was time to attach the syringes, we also had problems positioning it to accommodate the crane and to complete the task of moving it up and down. We decided to cut a part of the syringe off (where it pushes the crane up) so it will give it a little more space between the stick and the syringe. We were also successful in solving that problem.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  our hydraulic system is working as accordingly but its not perfect and with some more work we can get it functioning properly and running smoothly.

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