Diesel Heaters: Gear Truckers Shouldn’t Be Without

The safety, performance and reliability of equipment are the key to making the long-haul trucking life a whole lot easier. While much of the gear for the job comes on board the rigs truckers drive across the country and back again, sometimes add ones are critical for improving performance and making hauls more comfortable. When it comes to improving safety, comfort and overall truck performance, diesel heaters are must-have adds ones for those who drive long hauls into northern climates in the wintertime.

While a normal truck heater will provide in-cabin comfort while the truck is running, auxiliary diesel heaters offer an edge that goes beyond the basics. These heaters are preferred by many truckers because of the things they can do standard equipment cannot, such as:

  • Provide overnight comfort without wear and tear to the truck – Auxiliary diesel heaters are their own standalone devices. That means they draw from their own fuel source and don’t require the use of the truck’s engine to operate. While they’re hooked into the truck system, they pull their own gas and power, enabling truckers to leave their rigs off in the overnight hours. This saves a tremendous amount of wear and tear on the engine while still ensuring comfort during those cold winter nights.
  • Provide engine compartment heat – One of the biggest perks of diesel heaters is found in the fact they can heat up engine compartment in the overnight and morning hours. That means trucks that have been parked can be warmed up before the engine is cranked. This prevents failure to start while also ensuring comfort once it’s time to drive the rig.
  • Spare fuel –Truck heaters can help drivers save costly fuel by operating efficiently in doing their jobs. Since they have their own tanks to draw upon, fuel for the road isn’t wasted in the overnight hours nor is it wasted while trucks are warming up before hitting the road.
  • Save wear and tear – What it all adds up to is increased performance for the truck and a way to spare delicate parts from overuse and wear and tear. When diesel heaters are put into action, drivers can spare their rigs from unnecessary repairs and an over-need for maintenance.

Truck heaters are an add that add up to good common sense for long-haul drivers. By sparing the engine from overuse, these devices deliver heat, comfort, performance and reliability for the miles ahead. The use of diesel from a separate tank also ensures fuel conservation in the process, which can add up to savings for drivers.

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