The product of an object's mass and velocity!

Conservation of Momentum

In the absense of outside forces like friction, the total momentum of objects that interact does not change.

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Momentum = 0.1 x 40 m/s (p = mv)

Momentum = 4 kg x m/s


the product is mass times velocity! P = Product

May the Force be With You!

It depends on the force of the cars. The heavy truck could be going 5 miles per hour and have the same momentum of a small motorcycle going 100 miles per hour.

Sticky and Non-sticky

Sticky collisions are when objects sometimes stick together in a collision due to the mass tangling together after they collided.

Non-sticky collisions are when objects don't normally stick together in a collision because the outside forces (such as friction) are negligible, the objects just trade velocities.

Elastic Collision

Inelastic Collision

Throwing a piece of clay into the ground would be an inelastic collision because the clay doesnt move with the momentum of the ground.

The quantity of rotation of a body, which is the product of its moment of inertia and its angular velocity. It is the becausae the body moves in circles when you are in outer space because there is no gravity.

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