What I say.

But I don't know what I mean.

Individualism, a belief of being independent. What people want, find, and lose.

Do you know why I believe in this, no, ok whatever. Since you don't know why I'm going to explain why. Being individual is what we all are, but really being individual isn't what we all are. What I believe in individualism is being one person with no ones opinion. Which a lot of us lack.

I believe you need individualism in your life to be a better person because, sure you all are in your clique in life and independent but you are not so independent by the people in your clique.

Knowledge, a belief of mine that of, well, being smart. (which I really need)

Don't get me started on people needing this in their lives, but not just book smart, life smart. Knowledge is a belief of mine because everyone needs to get somewhere in life and that somewhere isn't having to sleep under the Queensboro bridge in nyc because you never earned your high school diploma. Knowledge is knowing and having the skills to do something well that everyone, no matter who needs.

I believe that you need knowledge to become a better person for to be something, to be someone, to be the best individual you are.

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