Animal Farm's Leader: Napoleon

Of all the leaders of the Animal Farm, Napoleon stood out the most as the most manipulative animal on the farm and took the most power for himself. As awful as he was, his leadership skills stood above the rest and stuck in the minds of the animals.

Napoleon was able to control and manipulate the animals through false ideas about equality, when in actuality, Napoleon was like,

Comrade Napoleon:

Napoleon was able to convince the other animals they were equal, but Napoleon was able to push himself above the rest of the animals by revising the rules to his favor. For example, he was able to act like a human and drink, because he changed the rule from "No Drinking" to "No drinking in excess". He was able to eliminate all opposition to his leadership by getting Snowball banished and by bringing all of the animals under his will. He was able to create a secret police with the puppies, work Boxer to the bone, but he was able to keep all of the animals distracted with labor and meaningless tasks, like the creation of the Windmill.

Boxer: The Follower

Boxer's greatest faults were his ability to work and his loyalty to Napoleon and the good of the farm. Napoleon was able to work Boxer to death by convincing him that all of his work was for the good of the farm. Boxer's personal motto was "Napoleon is always right," because he believed Napoleon cared for the best interests of the farm and Napoleon was smarter than the rest of the animals.

Boxer was not the smartest of the animals and he was unable realize how hypocritical Napoleon was as a leader. This made Boxer the ultimate follower, until he had served his purpose. Napoleon and Boxer showed their true colors once Boxer broke his leg. Boxer, being the loyal follower he was, wanted to continue working. Napoleon, being the cruel leader he was, saw no more use of Boxer and had him shipped to the glue factory to die.

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