Candy Corn Catapult
By: Evie R. and Kylee Grace K.

1.What was challenging about building a catapult is that you have to get the structure of the base just right or it will fall over. You also have to use good materials and enough of those materials. For example we had a rubber band snap because it wasn't strong enough and on one part we didn't use enough tape and the catapult almost fell over.

2.You have to pull the catapult to just the right angle because if you pull it to far back it will go straight up and hit the cealing .If you don't pull the catapult far enough back it won't go far enough but if you pull it to just the right angle it will go far enough and not hit the cealing.

3.Potential, kinetic, and mechanical energy are alike because they all forms of motion.

4.A real world connection to the catapult experience is shooting a basketball in to a hoop. For example yesterday we were playing basketball and to make the basketball into the hoop you have to use your arm like a catapult. Some other examples are throwing a paper airplane, doing a front flip on a trampoline and tossing your dirty clothes into the laundry basket.

5.Next time we should make our catapult smaller because it would weigh less and shoot farther. It also has less objects on it that could get in its way.