Natural Home Remedies

By:Hannah Crowder

Peppermint Oil-Its known to benefit tension headaches. It also helps control blood flow in the body.Headaches and migraine pain are often due to poor blood flow. The pepper mint oil helps open and close the vessels that promotes blood flow.

You would open up the little jar and put the jar near your nose and start to inhale the scent for a couple of minutes and soon as you know your headache or migraine is gone.

Honey,oil and garlic-Those three ingredients helps soothes a sore throat and it also relaxes the cough reflex. Its something quick you can pull out your kitchen and out together.

Mixture-Put half a cup of honey and a half-cup of water. Add in chopped onion and one chopped garlic. Add some sage, thyme or oregano and allow to steep overnight at room temperature. Strain and them use liquid as a cough syrup. Then store  it in your refrigerator.  Then drink a little and it should start kicking in.

Apple cider vinegar-its for upset stomach ,helps neutralize it and if you have nausea its good for that too.The acids in apple cider vinegar helps decrease the starch in digestion. It allows the starch to to get to the intestines and keep the bacteria in the stomach healthy. Some people take a spoonful each day just for prevention.

Mixture-Mix in some water and a tea spoon of honey sip slowly.

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