Tools of the Trade

Pick a song for the background.( these songs will not open in school because of school policy on sound-cloud. etc.)

by: Arianna Marie Carreras


why use edmodo?

  • edmodo is a place where you can connect to you teachers,but not just your teachers but your classmate as well. This is a website to get help from one another. You can save anything on here that you need to use later onto your backpack. your teachers can post polls and quizzes as well.


remind- Is A safe way for teachers to connect with students and stay in touch with parents. they also can remind you for any assignments the teachers have added or when they are due. is a place where anyone can create and share powerful visuals (infographics, posters) no design experience needed! They provide anything you need for it and it teaches you how to use it.

Here is an example, that i have made and this is the first one that i ever did on and got a 100%


Tackk is a place to make your own website with no experience needed. you can make the most beautiful webpage for anything you need recipes, art, class assignment, events ect.  as you can see this is my first tackked assignment.

this is the steps into the cycle

The IB Design Cycle

the IB design cycle is to help them create and evaluate solutions in response to challenges. we use this in every day life but we really don't realize it.

Use the IB Design Cycle to…

 Create a dance routine.                               Write a short story.

 Write a musical composition.                       Plan a birthday party.

 Learn to play a clarinet.                               Build a solar oven.

 Create a video game.

Examples of the steps


Example: Goal is to make brownies.

Research online recipes at to find a list of highly-rated recipes.

What supplies will you need to make the brownies?


Example: Goal is to make brownies.

• Write a shopping list of all required ingredients that you must purchase from the store.

• Set out all of the tools to create the brownies.

• Pan, bowl, spoon


Example: Goal is to make brownies.

 Sketch a diagram of the project design.

 How do you want the brownies to look? Size, shape, thickness.

 Theme: Frosting? Powdered sugar designs? Candy decorations? Special events, like American Flag, for 4th of July?


Example: Goal is to make brownies.

 Set the over temperature.

 Create the brownies according to the instructions.

 Mix dry ingredients.

 Mix wet ingredients.

 Combine.

 Bake.

 Cool the brownies.

Cut and decorate according to Step #3 – Design.

 Evaluate:

Example: Goal is to make brownies.

 Evaluate the brownies.

How do they look? Taste?

Baked correctly or under cooked? Burnt?

were they successful?

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