4 Ways to Use Tackk for
Conferences & Trade Shows

Use Tackk as a marketing tool at your next trade show.

1. Promote the Show, Exhibitors, Presenters

Tackk is a free tool to market the show itself, specific events and exhibitors. Leading up to the show, create a save the date, show announcements, session info and more. Let exhibitors know they can use Tackk to promote their booth info and workshops.

Ask for questions and create conversations with Tackk Stream and even add a custom domain to your Tackk or profile.

Check out these trade show Tackk examples:

2. Present your Workshop or Session

Tackk serves as a way to present your material (read more here) in a beautiful, simple way. No need to worry about format, transitions and aesthetics. We take care of the big stuff, and you tweak styles to make your presentation unique.

Check out these workshop examples

3. Collect Leads

To collect leads at their booth, exhibitors can have visitors enter their email address on a Tackk to capture the lead. In addition, the visitor will get an email inviting the to participate on that particular Tackk. A perfect way to engage them after they leave the show and they're back in the hotel room.

Here's an example of a Tackk we used at ISTE to 1- collect leads and 2- engage visitors after they left our booth.

For a quick demo on how to invite a lead to a Tackk, see below.

4. Recap the Show & Get Feedback

After the show, use Tackk to get feedback and answer questions from exhibitors. Ask them to recap their experiences and favorite exhibitors or presenters.

If you're an exhibitor, send a thank you Tackk to leads you collected and engage them with Tackk Stream.

Post links to your trade show Tackks below!