Big Cities Worldwide Favourably Inclined Towards Cyclists

The big cities in UK, USA and Europe are becoming more favourable towards cyclists. They have come to realize that promoting cyclists will lead to a change in the streetscape, promote healthy lifestyle in inhabitants and decrease dependence on fossil fuels and thereby improve environment as well. A whole cycle of positive events are triggered the moment a commuter chooses his bicycle over his car or motorcycle. But a lot needs to be done because at present, there is a serious lack of infrastructure

The cycling scene in India
Cycling is far more main stream than most nations in the world. Thousands of people use cycles to commute between work and home, several thousand students in villages, towns and cities cycle to their places of education. An enormous number of businessmen depend on cycles for their trade, as such cycling is more than just a leisurely pursuit here in India, it’s an integral part of life for Indians hence it needs to be promoted and facilitated.

At present, Traffic cones manufacturers in India are focused more with other concerns which are not related to cycling. It must however be noted that since there aren’t any proper infrastructure that promotes cycling, traffic cones manufacturers in India are designing and installing water filled road barriers for bigger vehicles.

Changes made by other nations that India can emulate

Creating specific spaces for cycling
In order to make cycling practical and sociable, there is a need to create specific cycling lanes in more places. Currently, cycling lanes are limited to tiny areas within cities and they are poorly maintained. Motorcycles and sometimes even small cars use these lanes. Water filled road barriers are placed at the entrance and exit of cycling lanes, but this method is largely ineffective. Lanes need to be designed that provide easy, direct and safe lanes for cyclists.

Adding the element of safety
As already mentioned, today there is hardly anything in terms of infrastructure that would make cyclists feel safe. No cycling lanes, no special markers to denote special areas and no space for parking cycles whatsoever. All of that needs to change. However, it needs to be pointed out that Traffic cones manufacturers in India can begin contributing towards making cycling specific traffic equipment only after the government takes solid steps to promote cycling.

Cycling contributes to reduced healthcare costs, reduced costs for maintaining roads and drainage systems. There are social scientists who believe that cycling will reduce crime on streets because more eyes will be on the streets. There are no downsides, only benefits to promoting cycling and it is high time cycling gets the focus it deserves.

Cycling brings along with tons of benefits that are not just monetary but also economical and sociological.  Traffic cones manufacturers in India can do more in order to make cycling a more common activity but only if the government takes active steps.