Romeo and Juliet
Tragic Love
By: Haylah, Avorie, Noopur, and Jasmin

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The symbol for Romeo and Juliet's tragic love is the poison. Romeo and Juliet were madly in love but the family feud was getting in the way of their marriage and love. Friar Lawrence helped Juliet go into a sleep like death or 24 hours because she did not want to marry Paris, the man she did not love. Friar Lawrence was suppose to send a letter to Romeo about the plan that included them running away and living happily ever after. But this was not the case . Romeo did not get the message and thought Juliet was actually died. Romeo commits suicide because his goal was to be with Juliet. This symbol represents that Romeo had to commit suicide to be with Juliet since his family and Juliet's family did not want them to be together. "The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss A dateless bargain to engrossing death.(kisses JULIET, takes out the poison) Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavory guide.Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on The dashing rocks thy seasick, weary bark.Here’s to my love! (drinks the poison) O true apothecary,Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die."  This quote tells us that Romeo is willing to commit suicide by drinking poison because he loves Juliet and cant live with out her.

Tragic Love

Modern Examples

This is a clip from the movie A Walk To Remember. This clip show a modern example of tragic love because it shows that Jamie and Landon are afraid to live without each other since Jamie has leukemia. In the movie there is a girl(Jamie)and a guy(Landon)  that fall in love. Landon finds out that Jamie has leukemia and is  afraid of living with out her. Throughout the movie Jamie teaches Landon to believe in himself and tells him he can do what ever he puts his mind to. This helps Landon through everything and when Jamie dies he learns to cope and go on with his life and make Jamie proud of what he is doing.

This is a clip from the movie The Notebook. This portrays the idea of tragic love because in the movie Allie's parents don't want her to be with Noah. Allie spends her summer with Noah and when the summer ends she has to go back to her home town. Noah decides to write Allie 365 days but Allies parents hide the letters from her. In the end Noah and Allie find a way to be together.

This is a clip from the movie The Fault In Our Stars. This movie shows the theme of tragic love because in the movie Hazel has cancer and Gus had cancer. Throughout the movie Gus and Hazel develop feelings for each other and decide to date each other. In the end Gus finds out that his cancer is back and dies. Hazel is extremely sad but deals with it.


Act 2 Scene 2

Tragic love is conveyed because Romeo and Juliet are so in love with each other and they haven’t even known each other for that long. Romeo is so in love with her that he ran away from his own family to go see Juliet. Juliet says “If they do see thee, they will murder thee” they know that if Romeo is seen that the feud between the families will cause them to kill Romeo. Romeo comes back at Juliet and states that “Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye, than twenty of their swords: look, thou but sweet, And I are proof against their enmity”. He says that it doesn’t matter if they kill me one bad look from you is more painful than 12 of your men’s swords. They cannot be in love because of their family feud and their love is tragic from this. Tragic love is defined in the urban dictionary as “It's one of those things that you really only understand if you've experienced it. It's when one person finds another that is perfect for them and for whatever reason they can't be with that person”. (Urban dictionary) Romeo and Juliet are experiencing that their parents won’t let them be together.

Act 3 Scene 3

The theme of tragic love is shown in Act 3 Scene 3 because in this scene Romeo gets banished from Verona. Romeo gets banished because he killed Tybalt ("Tybalt, here slain, whom Romeo's hand did slay; Romeo that spoke him fair, bade him bethink How nice the quarrel was, and urged withal Your high displeasure: all this uttered With gentle breath, calm look, knees humbly bow'd, Could not take truce with the unruly spleen Of Tybalt deaf to peace, but that he tilts With piercing steel at bold Mercutio's breast, Who all as hot, turns deadly point to point, And, with a martial scorn, with one hand beats Cold death aside, and with the other sends It back to Tybalt, whose dexterity, Retorts it: Romeo he cries aloud, 'Hold, friends! friends, part!' and, swifter than his tongue, His agile arm beats down their fatal points, And 'twixt them rushes; underneath whose arm An envious thrust from Tybalt hit the life Of stout Mercutio, and then Tybalt fled; But by and by comes back to Romeo, Who had but newly entertain'd revenge, And to 't they go like lightning, for, ere I Could draw to part them, was stout Tybalt slain. And, as he fell, did Romeo turn and fly. This is the truth, or let Benvolio die.") and the Prince ruled that for murder the punishment is death. The Prince decided to just banish Romeo because Tybalt had killed Mercutio before Romeo killed Tybalt. When Juliet heard that Romeo was banished she was sad because she would never see the love of her life again("O serpent heart hid with a flowering face! Did ever dragon keep so fair a cave? Beautiful tyrant! Fiend angelical! Dove-feathered raven, wolvish-ravening lamb! Despisèd substance of divinest show, Just opposite to what thou justly seem’st. A damnèd saint, an honorable villain! O nature, what hadst thou to do in hell When thou didst bower the spirit of a fiend In moral paradise of such sweet flesh? Was ever book containing such vile matter So fairly bound? Oh, that deceit should dwell In such a gorgeous palace!" which means according to No Fear Shakespeare "Oh, he’s like a snake disguised as a flower. Did a dragon ever hide in such a beautiful cave? He’s a beautiful tyrant and a fiendish angel! He’s a raven with the feathers of the dove. He’s a lamb who hunts like a wolf! I hate him, yet he seemed the most wonderful man. He’s turned out to be the exact opposite of what he seemed. He’s a saint who should be damned. He’s a villain who seemed honorable. Oh nature, what were you doing in hell? Why did you put the soul of a criminal in the perfect body of a man? Was there ever such an evil book with such a beautiful cover? Oh, I can’t believe the deepest evil lurked inside something so beautiful!"). Romeo decides that he can't live without Juliet either because he is madly in love with her ("There is no world without Verona walls, But purgatory, torture, hell itself. Hence-banished is banish'd from the world, And world's exile is death: then banished, Is death mis-term'd: calling death banishment, Thou cutt'st my head off with a golden axe, And smilest upon the stroke that murders me"). In Act 3 Scene 3 the audience is being shown that Romeo and Juliet love each other and would do anything to be together. This shows tragic love because it is saying that Romeo and Juliet will do anything to be together due to the feud.

Act 5 Scene 3

Tragic Love is shown in Act 5 Scene 3 when Romeo and Juliet take their lives. During Act 5 Scene 3 Juliet had earlier taken a potion that would kill her for 24 hours, after 24 hours she would wake up and it would feel like she was just in deep sleep. During that scene, Romeo finds Juliet Dead and gets sad about it. He had a poison bottle and before he drank the poison he was telling Juliet how much he loved her. Then, he drank the poison, kissed Juliet, and died. Shakespeare used this scene to better explain Tragic Love because he could’ve just let the ending be a happily ever after. He didn’t though; instead he had both main characters die at the end of the play. The death of both Romeo and Juliet was tragic love because they went against their families just to end up dead. The whole reason behind Juliet drinking a potion was just so that she could leave with Romeo when she woke up and not have to marry Paris. In the end, they both end of dead because Tybalt was supposed to tell Balthazar and Balthazar was supposed to tell Romeo; since Romeo never heard of the plan however, he thought Juliet was really dead. That also shows the main idea of, Tragic Love. Shakespeare could’ve just written the play so that Romeo did hear of the plan but he decided it would not be written that way; he decided to take a different turn. He did so to enhance the theme, tragic love, because Romeo and Juliet’s love could’ve been avoided being tragic; in the end it was just tragic love.


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