McCright is a Trailblazer

Señor Joe McCright serves . . .

At Stowe Elementary School, McCright serves as

  1. Spanish teacher K-5th
  2. Building technology specialist
  3. Dean of Students 2012-14
  4. Building Leadership Team
  5. Building Safety Team
  6. Infinite Campus trainer

McCright serves a co-moderator of the LinkedIn Spanish Teacher group.

McCright contributes to the Schoology Blended Learning group

Señor Joe McCright has studied. . .

  • Marshalltown High School, Marshalltown, IA
  • Marshalltown Community College, Marshalltown, IA (Associate of Arts)
  • School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT (Bachelor of Arts)
  • University of Cincinnati – College of Law (Juris Doctor)
  • Peace Corps pre-service training (teaching methods, cross-cultural awareness, French) - Central African Republic
  • Peace Corps Training of Trainers - Central African Republic
  • civil and criminal mediation training - Cincinnati, OH
  • advanced mediation training - Baton Rouge, LA
  • Louisiana College, Pineville, LA (teacher practitioner/licensure)
  • International Baccalaureate Level 2 training
  • Responsive Classroom Level 2 training
  • additional graduate work
  • started piano lessons January 2014 and played a duet with his daughter.

Señor Joe McCright works . . .

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Señor Joe McCright can grow . . .

I want to find a better way to direct Spanish classes via the computer. has served as a good way to get students started elearning.  I want to improve my directions and how I provide different ways to learn material, i.e., differentiate lessons  There must be a way to get them engaged faster.  That is what I want to explore and then train my colleagues to do the same.

Señor Joe McCright can fail . . .

When I started using computers to supplement Stowe students' Spanish instruction he assumed that they would know

  • how to accurately type the name of websites,
  • where the symbols on the keyboard are
  • how to send email
  • recognize links on webpages
  • navigate between multiple tabs in an internet browser.

About one-third of the students were able to log on and get to the website immediately.  The other two thirds got frustrated.  Some quit.  Some started disrupting other students.

To solve this problem I stopped teaching Spanish and started teaching basic computer skills.  I paired students who knew how to do tasks with those who did not.  I started modeling - using a projector and examples - and students performed seemingly simple tasks such as getting to websites, clicking on links, and closing tabs.

Colleagues support
Señor Joe McCright

  • Nominee for ISEA Excellence in Education
  • Nominee for Rotary Elementary Teacher of the Year

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3 years ago

Joe is a constant collaborator. He is always willing to help and is very knowledgeable about technology. He continues to stretch me as a teacher as well as my students. He is influential in establishing a sense of confidence with my students as it pertains to tech projects. They are secure and not afraid to accept challenges. Although Joe is always willing to help, he makes sure to empower and not enable. Once he explains it, you are set and ready for the next challenge!

3 years ago

Joe is a creative educator. He finds new and exciting things to apply to his spanish lessons. He collaborates with staff in an effort to be transdiciplinary. Joe is a leader. Joe always goes out of his way to help students and staff. The students and parents at Stowe enjoy Joe. He is respected by his colleagues. Joe would make a great addition to the Trailblazer team!

3 years ago

Joe is constantly exploring new ideas and offering suggestions of how to better bring our classrooms into the twenty-first century. He is knowledgeable and highly capable of using technology as a learning tool. Whether he finds or creates resources, Joe is committed to using technology as a means to enhance instruction, solve problems, educate colleagues, and just make life easier! It has been such a privilege to have Joe on staff as a leader who is dedicated to inspiring and equipping students with the tools they will need for success.

3 years ago

Mr. Mccright, is always sending me stuff for my Spanish class, sharing his great ideas, which I truly appreciate because I can also share with my students, the culture part is amazing, in how he find the information about the countries and how this is related to what is being taught. It is a privilege having him as a colleague. Gracias Joe.

3 years ago

Joe has been an inspiration to many teachers. He supports our ideas, and gives feedback and encouragement. I am a veteran teacher trying to keep up with all the new technology and Joe helps, encourages, and supports the teachers as well as the students in all phases of education. I am truly blessed to have such a partner in learning.

3 years ago

Words can not express how much Joe McCright has influenced the students, staff and community of Stowe. He is a leader, team player and friend. He consistently goes above and beyond for our community. Joe would be a great asset to the Trailblazers!

3 years ago

Joe has been a wonderful tech support for both students and staff. He is a risk-taker in trying new technological adventures and shares his findings with the staff encouraging us to try it as well. He is great at finding resources for many different subject areas and topics. Joe has been a great technology specialist; if a teacher has a technology issue he is quick to respond and solve the issue. Joe would be a wonderful and beneficial member of the Trailblazers!

3 years ago

I feel very lucky to be Joe's colleague. He is a teacher, a leader, a risk taker, and a great friend. He has always been generously sharing his knowledge in teaching and especially in technology. With his help, I also started my weebly website to teach foreign language. Every time when we meet up together, he would share some new tools with us, like, screencast-o-matic, different functions of google doc, smartboard software, etc. Joe would be a great member of the Trailblazers, because he has a heart to help other teacher to learn!

3 years ago

Joe McCright- leader, mentor, teacher, collaborator, colleague in behaviors, influential coach, dear friend at Stowe.

3 years ago

Señor McCright is constantly sharing new ideas, technology resources, and other educational tools with staff at Stowe. He also these tools to teach kids valuable life skills about technology while keeping them engaged and energized. Staff and students at Stowe benefit greatly from having Joe as part of the team, and he is always willing to lend a hand to teachers and offer new ideas and suggestions for using technology in the classroom. He would be a great asset to the Trailblazers!