Train like a STAR!

Train-the-Trainer Seminar

  • How can you become a (better) leader through being a (better) trainer?
  • Are you lacking skills & tools to bring messages across?
  • How aware are you of how you see yourself & how others see you?
  • Are you capable of speaking with intention & engaging audiences?
  • What could you gain from using trainer skills in your personal or professional environment?

Our Give-Aways:

  • Training structure, concepts & design
  • Working with different learning types
  • Presentation & visualization skills
  • Diverse training methods
  • "On stage” practical experience
  • 360° feedback (video-aided)
  • Training ethics & values

Your Take-Aways:

  • Delivering trainings at work
  • Expanded capacities as a leader
  • Bringing messages across
  • Higher awareness of yourself & others
  • Unleashing your creativeness
  • Captivating your audience

Who are your trainers?
Johannes Köhn & Bea Broskova

Johannes is a Trainer & Life Coach, Servant Leader, Artist & Musician, Entrepreneur & Consultant. His background? 1,300 hours of training, facilitation & hosting. TtT in 2009, advanced TtT in 2010 (Facilitation & Inter-cultural Communication).  Life Coaching. Strategy consulting, leadership, industrial engineering. And what about his AIESEC story? Johannes joined LC TU Berlin in 2006, became OCP of Energy Forum, then he was LCP of TU in 2009/2010. After that he became Regional Coordinator for Bavaria 2010/2011 (National Support Team). Applied for MCP for 2011/2012 and then became an international trainer, facilitator & chair.

Bea is a Passionate Trainer, Life Designer, Graphical Visualizer, Dancer with Life, Genuine Painter. Her background? 1,000 hours of training, facilitation & hosting. TtT in 2008, facilitation of individual & group processes, visual recording. Art of hosting. business management & leadership. Adult teaching. And what is her AIESEC story? Bea joined LC Brno (Czech Republic) in 2004. She became an EB member in 2005/2006 for Exchange. Then she was an OCP of the biggest national conference in 2006 and continued as a member of the National Support Team CZ in years 2006-08 (Branding & Project Management). Afterwards continued as LCP of Brno in 2008/2009 and became an international trainer & facilitator.

When? Where? How much?

When:  12th of October 2013, 13:00-22:00 and 13th of October 2013, 9:00-13:00

               In total, 12 hours of the Trainer-the-Trainer seminar!

Where:  Technical University Berlin 

Who:  10 engaged participants

Language: English       

Price:  110*/135 EUR AIESEC Alumni Germany members   OR   

             130*/155 EUR non-members of AIESEC Alumni Germany

Price includes: Training Materials; Refreshments & Snacks

* for registrations and payments made until 30th of September 2013


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