Transplants in Spain

Authors: Celia, Abel, H├ęctor and Lucas.



In the report we are going to study transplants in Spain.

A transplant is when we replace an organ or a tissue that don't work

We have found information and done surveys and graphs in order to stxhyhyftudy transplants.


What is a transplant?

A transplant is when we replace organs or tissues that do not work with ones that are health.Transplants are possible thanks to surgery.

What is the difference between transplants practice in live patiens and in death patiens?

That the live patiens only can donate the kidney,lung and sometimes and the death patiens can donate all because they are dead.

What are the most common transplants in your country?

they are the kidney , heart , liver and pancreas.



Spain more than 1,600 donors and 4,000 transplants in one year.

The Spanish model improves survival, increases the demand for organs and growing number of patients benefit from transplants.In Castilla  and Leon Os the region with the highest rate of donation.

Spain is the country's donors worldwide.

MADRID, April .The Spanish health service may have suffered a series of cutbacks as a result of the economic crisis, but there is one area in which Spain remains a leader and the Spanish people set an example of solidarity for the rest of the world: organ donation and transplantation.


  Most common transplants in Spain

The most common transplants in Spain have been of kidneys.


Most transplants have been of lung in 2010


4.218 transplants have been in 2011

Most transplants have been of cornea,in 2011

Spain beat in 2011 his world record of transplants.The number of interventions increased by 11.8% to reach a record high of 4.218 transplants.Also were more donations than ever and negative familyfell 5 points,to 15.3%.


4.211transplants have been in 2012


4.211 transplants have been in 2013.

Most have been lungs transplants in 2013.

The ONT in 2013 reached the maximun number of transplants,4.279.


We think  that transplants are important, because a person that is a donor can save the life of one person that needs an organ or a  tissue.

We think Spain is a very good example of transplants and donors, because is the country with most donors worldwide.

We think that if transplants didn't exist most of the people on the world that need organs or tissues would have died.

We think that the donors are very brave people because they risk their life for saving another person's life.

We think that transplants are very important because they are used a lot in hospitals and in another places and are very important for people.

We think that all the people have to be a donor, like that all the people in the world can have life.

Organs            number of transplants number of transplants in

                        in Spain (1990)            Spain (2013)           

Kidney                    1.280                                   2.552

heart                       164                                       249

liver                         313                                     1.093

pancreas                19                                           92