Transplants in the USA

Authors: Paula, Natasha, Álvaro and Pau

In this report we are going to study transplants in the USA

A transplant is when we replace organs and tissues that do not work.

We have found information and done surveys  and graphs in order to

study transplants.

What is a transplant?(Longer answer):

A transplant is when we replace organs or tissues that do not work

with ones that are healthy. Transplants are possible thanks to


Healthy organs and tissues come from people who choose to

donate part of their body to help someone else when they die.

Sometimes, the donor can still be alive, for example, in the case

of liver or kidney transplants.

What is the difference between transplants practiced in live patients

and in death patients?

That when your alive you only can donate organs that are duble and

When you are dead you can donate all your organs.

What are the most common transplants in the U.S.A ?

In 2013  there were more people who needed kidney transplants.

There is alot of difference between kidney transplants and the rest of the organs transplants.


The USA is the 7º country that more transplants has had

If you look at the graph you can see that each year the people need

more transplants. (Graphs can not be shown)

We think that each year there is more population This is why each

year it gets biger.

In this graph are people that we interviewd and their answers.  (Graphs can not be shown)

In this graph you can see that there are more children and adults

that said yes.  (Graphs can not be shown)

The people who said yes we think that its a very good opinion and

people who said no we think that its not a very good chooice.

Our conclusion

We think that its good that some people say yes to donating

organs to other people because it helps people in need.

We learn about the most important transplants in the USA and

about working in group.

We think that thanks to this type  of work we can learn more about

things of another country, we think that working about this

makes us realice that lots of people need us and that its good

learning about transplants.

A tip.

Now you are saying  that you don't want to donate but when

you need someone to donate for you, you will remember that day that

you said no and you will regret it.

Working together is better!