Transplants throught the World

Authors: Daniela, Pablo, Joaquín and Alejandro.


In this report we are going to study transplants in EQUATOR.

A transplant is when we replace organs or tissues that do not work.

We have found information and done surveys and graphs in order to study transplants.


•What is a transplant?

  A transplant is when we replace organs or tissues that do  not work with ones that are healthy. Transplants are possible thanks to surgery.

•What is the difference between practiced in live patients and death patients?

That death patients can donate all their organs that are healthy and live patients can donate a little quantity of organs for example kidneys.

•What are the most common transplants in Equator?

National adult corneas, cadaveric kidneys and livers.

Data, Surveys and Graphs not available in this app.

Graph explanation:

In the graph we have up it explains the most common transplants in Equator: The cadaveric kidney, the liver and the nacional adult corneas.

It says how many transplants there are in Equator and also put the number of transplants in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

You can find more information in…

You also can find information of transplants around the world in:


Our conclusion is that transplants in Equator are very difficult to find, but when you find it is very interesting.

The thing that was very strange is that the most common in Equator is the Cadaveric Kidney and there are a lot of donnors in total.

There are a lot of different transplants in Equator such us Cadaveric Kidney, Liver, Nacional Adult Corneas.