My Transporter T4 2003 experiences
Transporter T4 2003 kokemuksia

This blog is about my experiences with VW Transporter T4 2003.

Radio replacement - wiring challenges and a simple solution

I had an original VW Alpha radio in my Transporter. I wanted to update it to a modern one. I bought a Pioneer DEH-X5600BT. I removed the Alpha radio by using about 8mm wide slips made from old credit cards.

The car had already an standard ISO connector. Fun fact was that I had to change the order of yellow and red wires in Pioneer connector. That was easy, because there were already connectors for this operation. After "crossing" those wires the radio started to work properly. Before crossing the radio lost its memory every time when car was switched off and the key removed.

Coming soon - rear  speakers

My next project is to install rear speakers. That is a bit bigger project because it needs to find routes for the wires and of course to install the speakers.

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