Trans World Fiber Optics

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About Trans World Fiber Optics

Headquartered in Herkimer, New York, Trans World Fiber Optics was established in 2010. Taking a consultative approach to both sales and management, Trans World Fiber Optics provides assessments of transmission strengths and network capabilities to and for a wide range of companies. Specializing in several disciplines supporting the installation of copper and fiber optic networks, the company supports operations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, as well as abroad.

Focused on client satisfaction and personalized service, Trans World tailors each project to the specific needs of its clients. One of the company’s most popular services involves fiber characterization, an independent analysis of the transmissions capabilities and strengths of fiber networks through a series of industry standardized tests.

The company also offers training and consulting services for its clients. Training services are conducted at the company’s headquarters or at a location designated by a client. With a goal of providing education on transmissions, training typically involves teaching test equipment methods, understanding, extracting, and interpreting the data, the trainee will become adept with OTDR usage, Loss and ORL testing as well as Polarization Mode Dispersion and Chromatic Dispersion.

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