Trapeze Asset Management

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About Trapeze Asset Management

Since the firm's inception in 1999, Trapeze Asset Management Inc. has offered a full range of discretionary portfolio management services for high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

Under the leadership of Randall Abramson, co-founder, president, and chief executive officer, the firm seeks out investment opportunities for long-term capital growth using proprietary research methodologies. In doing so, Trapeze Asset Management utilizes various investment mandates appropriate for the particular client, including: (1) Trapeze Global Insight model, a large cap only portfolio; (2) Trapeze All Cap model, a portfolio which invests in companies throughout the market capitalization spectrum, from small to large companies; and (3) Trapeze Income model, an income portfolio for clients with a primary objective of generating current income.

Throughout the years, Trapeze Asset Management Inc. has established itself as an investment firm that seeks out undervalued investments. To be considered as an investment opportunity for the firm, the investment must trade at a low price relative to Trapeze's estimate of its fair market value. Trapeze uses fundamental research to select investments, identifying businesses with efficient balance sheets and consistent earnings and growth prospects, as well good management teams.

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