Travis Biggert

Experienced Oklahoma Risk Consultant

About Travis Biggert

Travis Biggert, a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and a Certified Risk Manager (CRM), serves Hub International as a Senior Risk Consultant with the Risk Management Team. The company ranks among the ten largest insurance brokerage companies in the world. In his leadership capacity, Travis Biggert helps Hub clients lower costs associated with certain risks. Before accepting his current position, he worked as the Senior Vice President of Global Risk and Insurance at Nueterra, where he focused on their worldwide risk and insurance matters. While there, he developed complex cost-allocation models, capable of managing many millions of dollars worth of premium allocations across over one hundred entities.

In his private life, Travis Biggert enjoys reading popular nonfiction titles, many f which from his favorite author, Malcolm Gladwell. He also enjoys spending time with his loved ones. To stay active, he pursues outdoor sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, and skiing. In terms of nonprofit involvement, Mr. Biggert supports the Pierce Philips Charity, an organization dedicated to advancing research efforts to cure childhood cancers and the Gatesway Foundation, which helps adults with developmental disabilities to lead more active and productive lives.

New Strategy for Reducing Unnecessary Claim Costs

As a Senior Risk Consultant with Hub International, Travis Biggert helps his clients develop and implement risk-management strategies. Travis Biggert has specific specialization in reducing companies' exposure to workers' compensation claim expenses.

Worker injuries can be extremely costly for an employer, and many of these costs arise once the employee has entered the medical system for care. For this reason, innovators in the field of workers' compensation have begun to research alternative ways of addressing employee injuries. According to these professionals, nurse triage programs are emerging as one of the most promising such approaches.

Pre-claim triage allows an employee to speak with a nurse and receive advice about an injury. Thus far, such interventions have proven effective at reducing the cost of unnecessary claims by as much as 25 percent, while bringing employees back to work faster and thus reducing indemnity costs. Data currently suggests that every 2,000 calls reduces workers' compensation spending by $1.5 million. Furthermore, adopters of pre-claim nurse triage have found that employees also feel cared for and valued by their employers, a mindset that increases employee loyalty and the perceived value of benefits.