Travis Caulfield

World Traveler and Veteran Photographer

About Travis Caulfield

A veteran traveler, Travis Caulfield took an 18-month trip around the world that included visits to six continents. Among the many countries he explored during this epic journey were Uruguay, Morocco, Dubai, and Thailand. One of the highlights of the trip was his visit to China during the 2008 Olympics. After witnessing the Olympic festivities in Beijing, Travis Caulfield traveled overland until he reached Tibet, the ancient kingdom that has been assimilated into the nation of China. From there, he visited Nepal and India.

Throughout his travels, Travis Caulfield took numerous photographs recording the places he visited and posted them to popular photo sharing sites and blogs. Mr. Caulfield continues to share his photographs with the world in the hope that others will draw inspiration from his own experiences.

In addition to his passion for travel and photography, Mr. Caulfield maintains a strong commitment to the community through his involvement with philanthropic initiatives. Over the years he has donated to several nonprofit and charitable organizations, including the Humane Society and cancer research groups.

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