Dear Bullies,

              You must think you are so cool hurting other peoples feelings, Huh? Well you are wrong your not cool or funny! In fact you just look stupid. At first you might have seemed funny to the Jocks and Populars but now they just think it is ridiculous and if you do think this is FUNNY well, HA your the one  who is looking funny and acting like a clown! Now, I am done with you!


             Girly Tomboy

Hey! Open your eyes and realize

Dear Victim,

           Hey!Yes you! You are beautiful,sweet,nice, And funny they just don't realize you have more potential then they do. You love to do whatever you like and that is your passion but if they just can't realize that you are more beautiful than the stars they don't have to but whatever is going on in their life they take it out on you.

Remember keep your friends close, enemies closer, your bullies closest,

        Girly Tomboy