Internet safety
By Jacs Osborne

1. Keep your password to yourself- If someone gets a hold of your password to your email or anything they can buy things, get you in debt and they can ruin your social life.

2.Username- Don't put anything in your username that corresponds to you or where you live this will allow creepers to track you.

3.Be careful with meeting people online- that doesn't mean don't trust anyone just be careful some people are not trust worthy and lie about who they are.

4.Don't meet someone alone or without permission- If someone from online you've never met ask to meet up talk to your parents and don't go alone, ask to bring friends if they say no then have your parents come so you don't get hurt or kidnapped.

5.If you are being bullied online- Tell a trusted adult,ignore the bullies, but if it gets serious save the conversation as proof and bring it to the authorities.

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